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Quick navigation aids for Excel

Microsoft has created a set of PDF Quick Reference Cards to help users navigate around Excel 2010.

The cards, covering Control key combinations, Function keys and “miscellaneous” shortcuts, were published last month in an announcement on the Microsoft Excel blog.

A companion artice provides more background on keyboard shortcuts in Excel 2010, but the Office team realised it was a bit long to work through when you’re sitting in front of your keyboard. In response to “an overwhelming number of requests” from Excel users, Office.com writer Turi Henderson compiled the shortcuts into three PDF files:

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Unhide column heyboard shortcut fix for Excel 2010    1 thanks

ronplan | | Permalink

Here is a link to the solution on getting the keyboard shortcut working again.



Fixing CTRL + SHIFT + )

Deaconsulting | | Permalink

Thanks for the link to my site ronplan, having raised the question as to why it didn't work I wanted to try and find out a solution as to the "known quirk". Hope it's of use to someone.


Jennifer Deacon