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Why practice excellence is crucial

Practice excellence is about more than just behaviours. It’s an ethos and vision that everyone at the practice buys into and is guided by, and without exception client consideration is at the core of it, according to Paul Harris of the Accountants Division at Sage.

AccountingWEB caught up with Harris to find out exactly what practice excellence means to Sage and why they were keen to get involved in the Practice Excellence Programme (PEP).

Harris explained...



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Where does fixing outstanding ...    3 thanks

JC | | Permalink

.. known problems that span multiple update releases and have not been address for many years stand?

Can Paul Harris really say that all Sage outstanding bugs/problems are fixed BEFORE making any new update releases - for example with the latest release of L50 one assumes that nothing was outstanding (whatsoever nature)

Otherwise all this is just meanigless rhetoric - clearly in the case of outstanding bugs '.. Customer Feedback ..' has been completely ignored in favour of a different agenda

ShirleyM's picture

I agree, JC    2 thanks

ShirleyM | | Permalink

Sage software isn't the greatest.

Still, you have to admire their spin/tactics, where they get customers to do a lot of the testing and selecting (I assume for free, or maybe they got discounts for a year?) It reminds me of those talent shows where the public vote for who plays the leading man/women in musicals. It is a sure fire way to get lots of customers paying for tickets, if you let them decide who they want to see.

johnjenkins's picture

About 25 years ago    1 thanks

johnjenkins | | Permalink

I was really excited to go on a 3 day training course (Financial Controller), in Seven Oaks, at Sage. Well they totally lost me and most of the other Accountants in the first hour. OK we all got to grips with it, but I have never found Sage to be user friendly, that's why I use VT.