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Scope widens for RTI pilot

HMRC is cautiously optimistic about the Real Time Information (RTI) pilot for PAYE which is "on track and going well", according to the latest update for tax advisers.

The taxman says it expects to expand the RTI PAYE pilot in two further stages as previously announced in April. HMRC also remains on track for all micro, small and medium-sized employers and most large employers and payroll bureaux to start sending payroll information to HMRC in real time in April 2013, and for all employers to be routinely reporting PAYE in real time from October 2013.


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Is the scope a real test?    4 thanks

mr. mischief | | Permalink

My biggest concern about RTI is quite simple:

The UK tax system goes into meltdown in April each year when we throw all this data at it.  Will this pilot demonstrate that it can cope with the total volume of data every month without going into meltdown?

My concern here is that a proportionately much higher level of IT resource and personnel is being thrown at the pilot than we'll see on "go live".  When true "go live" volumes connect with the actual database and actual levels of staff, the situation could be very different.

So far I've seen nothing in the reports coming out of HMRC on RTI to allay this fear.

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donquixote34 | | Permalink

To misquote Gilbert & Sullivan; 'the penalty should fit the crime'.  

Why can't the presumption be that salary/wages have stayed the same?  If there are no changes to report, why have a weekly or monthly deadline for RTI at all?


jiatbanus | | Permalink

HMRC is "optimistic". Just like the onset of employee pensions, the VAST majority of Micro and small companies haven't the faintest idea about RTI. Furthermore; who wants or needs it. Does your FIRM need RTI? Are any of your employees, associates and partners likely to be in need of Universal Credits (should there ever be a link between HMRC and DWP computers!)

It really is about time that the TAXPAYER (remember him?) let the Civil SERVANT know that we're just far too busy for to absorb any more of their crazy time consuming administrative nightmares.   

The faster computers become, the more HMRC and HMG create ways to consume their capacity. More and more employee time is spent online filing all sorts of stuff so that "they" can spend more time carrying out BRCs and dreaming up more and more ways to keep businesses away from earning a living.

And what happened to the reduction in bureaucracy?