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Self assessment season: The aftermath

Like a marathoner taking his last gruelling paces toward the finish line, the end of self assessment season beckons accountants tonight with its 12pm deadline.

Months of chasing clients for records and then approval, chewing the ends of pens over perplexing issues and prepping staff for their January rush is finally drawing to a close.

As of 30 January, over 9m people out of over 10.9m have filed their returns, according to the Revenue, who added that they usually get a whopping...


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Media perception?

Vaughan Blake1 | | Permalink

The self-assessment deadline was mentioned on the Simon Mayo show last night.  The piece went along the lines of, 'it's the end of January so everyone's doing their tax returns'.  The implication being that this is simply the way it should be!  Made me more than a little cross. 

Rachael_Power's picture

Good point!

Rachael_Power | | Permalink

That's a very good point. 

This tweet I read from comedian Al Murray this morning made me think of the above. 

.    1 thanks

ireallyshouldkn... | | Permalink

Good call on Al's accountant. nearly every call or email I have had today was answered by "what did my letter to you say?"

stepurhan's picture

Legal extension    1 thanks

stepurhan | | Permalink

Is it actually legal to give a filing extension to only a fraction of taxpayers? Anyone waiting for an authorisation code now is as guilty of taking the best part of 10 months to deal with their return as any taxpayer with an accountant who turns up at their offices tomorrow. Is there any basis for this discrimination, or are HMRC looking at a load of filing appeals for any penalties levied before 15 Feb?

daveforbes's picture

I assume it applies to anyone    1 thanks

daveforbes | | Permalink

I assume it applies to anyone awaiting a userid and password whether or not they are using the HMRC website.

I think this has always happened in the past, if you were waiting on a userid and password or the activation pin they would give you an extra 14 days for it to arrive.


HMRC system malfunction - could not pay online

SimonP | | Permalink

Utterly disgraceful!

After spending 45 minutes watching little circles go round and round and being continually told of internal server errors which were being brought to the attention of the (Santander?) administrator, I finally gave up and paid my SA tax via my internet bank which took all of 60 seconds.