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Serial killer suing accountant for £60,000

Welsh serial killer Peter Moore is suing his Begbies Traynor accountant for £60,000 he claims he is owed.

Former cinema manager Moore, 73, was jailed for life in 1996 after he murdered four people the previous year “for fun”.

Over the course of a year, Moore murdered...


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I'm sorry but what about the    11 thanks

cazas | | Permalink

I'm sorry but what about the human rights of those he killed?  Don't they count for anything?  So, he files for bankruptcy then gains £50,000 when things are sold from his house while he is in prison?  It looks like he is on a win win here.  Maybe if he hadn't committed the crime, he wouldn't be in jail and his home wouldn't have been vandalised which is basically, what he has done to the lives of the murdered victims family.  There is something seriously wrong with the system when you can commit a crime then gain as well.

people need to look carefully at the judgement    1 thanks

carnmores | | Permalink

all is says is that prisoners are entitled to a review , thats all - if still a danger or not contrite then no release

plummy1's picture

It makes me think    1 thanks

plummy1 | | Permalink

I have always been against capital punishment but then you read something like this and it does cause you to stop and think whether in certain circumstances it could be justified.  I don't have the answers but it does cause you to question the basis of the justice system.    




arshadali | | Permalink

All I can say is that this is madness. A convicted killer of 4 people including a 4 year old and he can do this? Absolute nonsense.

Crime sure does pay.

Life Sentence Considered Sufficient    1 thanks

chatman | | Permalink

Presumably the life sentence was considered to be sufficient. Getting all his stuff sold and his house vandalised was not part of the judge's sentence.

was he insured anyway

The Black Knight | | Permalink

Was he insured anyway with a criminal conviction?

If he is funding this let him.

I wonder if the victims can put in a civil claim for damages against him?

tellingd's picture

We are better than that    2 thanks

tellingd | | Permalink

plummy1 wrote:

I have always been against capital punishment but then you read something like this and it does cause you to stop and think whether in certain circumstances it could be justified.  I don't have the answers but it does cause you to question the basis of the justice system.    




I will accept that you are pro-capital punishment if you are happy to take the man's life yourself, otherwise ...

ShirleyM's picture

Not quite capital punishment ....

ShirleyM | | Permalink

... but I would make an overdose available for the perpetrators of serious crimes so they can die painlessly.

If they want to die, (like Ian Brady) why do we insist on keeping them alive at great cost to the country? Is it some perverted sense of justice?

glenbogle's picture

You could not make it up

glenbogle | | Permalink

I assume that if he wins any compensation that the Criminal Injuries Compensation Board if it still exists may make claims on this windfall on behalf of the bereaved families of his victims?


lets hope so

The Black Knight | | Permalink

glenbogle wrote:

I assume that if he wins any compensation that the Criminal Injuries Compensation Board if it still exists may make claims on this windfall on behalf of the bereaved families of his victims?


lets hope so... so it's a win win if the accountants insurance pays.

I am wondering if your clients have a criminal conviction and you haven't notified the insurance company of this then will the insurance cover it?

Many people with criminal convictions fail to disclose these for many reasons, from travel restrictions to insurance premium increases.

We have the society

ghewitt | | Permalink

we make.

It's all very well puffing and blowing about these things but in the end we have created it.

Violence is the new sex according to one article I read.

Have a look at the latest films; the computer games and other media. It is violence, violence violence.

"Cor...did ya see they way his head exploded when hit by the baseball bat"

"yeah triffik; cool graphics, slow-motion-gutzilla"

Then, when some 'news-worthy' story erupts we stand around wringing our hands saying "ooo how could that have happened".

It happened because that is how we like it and we feed it by giving it our attention. I don't know this story because I live abroad and don't have a TV or radio; but I could deliver the news because it is the same old same old. How many were relishing the details blow by terrible blow? The newscasters with suitable grim faces saying "We will bring you more as we have it" and us waiting by the bowl so we can lap it it up in all its gory glory; how we wait for it to come up so we can talk about it, spread it, revel in it with friends, colleagues and family.

G. K. Chesterton wrote about this over 100 years ago and we haven't changed one bit; if anything, with modern communications, it has gotten worse.

If we really want to stop this kind of thing we have to stop feeding the monster that produces it; we have to change out thinking, we have to change ourselves.

Will we?

Like heck.

Too much money involved and other vested interests. What would make it more bearable, if bearable it be, is to at least be honest with ourselves and stop with the faux-outrage everytime it happens - and it will happen again and again for as long as we continue to support it.



glenbogle's picture

If you rely on your clients to provide truthful information

glenbogle | | Permalink

And they give you partial or untruthful information what do you do?


You need to ask?

ghewitt | | Permalink

Why are you asking? You know what you should do.

glenbogle's picture

I know how  top proceed but

glenbogle | | Permalink

I know how  top proceed but there may be mistakes made and reasons for conduct.

The principle is not to conspire, deceive or mislead.

Surely we should educate and conduct people away from false or misleading conduct?

plummy1's picture

Take your point

plummy1 | | Permalink

That's one of the reasons I'm not pro-capital punishment I merely said it causes you to question your beliefs which is never a bad thing. It's the people in this world who think they are always right that cause the most grief.  

plummy1's picture

Not sure about your argument

plummy1 | | Permalink

If what you say is true why has violent crime in the UK dropped dramatically over the past five years? Crimes like this were happening before computer games and violent films came along.  

How do you know    1 thanks

ghewitt | | Permalink

that violent crime has dropped? Have you actually witnessed this drop? What do you call dramatic?

I expect you have watched the news and been told this; or do you actually know this for sure? What is your proof? As an accountant I am sure you know how figures can be made to say anything at all. Or just made up. I have first hand experience of the news being made up; the truth does not enter into it. Governments, generally, just tell lies to achieve an end - Iraq, "...Weapons of mass destruction..." anyone? 

Whilst it is probably true that violent films and games etc., don't make everyone violent it does make it more acceptable and common-place. Films and games have become 'more-realistic' in content; once when a man, say, was shot, he went "Arrrgh!!" and fell down. Now, I am reliably told that we can watch the bullet leave the gun, travel through the air and enter the body with all the gratuitous gore you like; blood spatters, bone fragments - the lot. I asked the person - "Why do you want to see that?". "Because it's great and exciting and really realistic!".

We can all put our heads in the sand if we want; the choice is ours. Most people walk around with their eyes shut, happy with their new iPhones and other pointless gadgets, TV shows et-al and the general detritus that fills the high street and their minds whilst the powers that be control their lives; "Bread and games" as the Romans used to say. Well, good luck to you.


ghewitt | | Permalink

We have a choice.

We can '...conspire, deceive or mislead' or not.

If it is a genuine mis-understanding; ignorance of procedure or some such, then i would agree with you that is your function to '...educate and conduct people away from false or misleading conduct'. In fact wouldn't it be dereliction of duty not to?

But if they are just plain old fraudsters with intent, then that is their choice and any amount of 'education' is not going to make one iota of difference. To my mind all they want is for you, or whomsoever to help them get away with it.

Then you have a choice.

Help them or not to help them; with the attendant consequences either way.

It is so simple.


Selling Violence    1 thanks

chatman | | Permalink

I must say, I am not a fan of graphic violence. I believe there is some evidence that it exercises that part of the brain that gets off on it. I am not generally a fan of banning anything that directly affects no-one except the user, but such games and videos would appear to put non-viewers in danger too.

glenbogle's picture


glenbogle | | Permalink

But one tends to give people the benefit of doubt  too.


Yes one does

ghewitt | | Permalink

and I am all for that and in many cases that is justified and a good job all round is done and everyone is happy.

There are times though, when it becomes apparent that you and your client are walking on diverging paths; then you have a choice to make.

Some go along with it and become corrupted.

Some maintain their integrity.

The choice is ours.


glenbogle's picture


glenbogle | | Permalink

But I would rather sleep at night so good bye thereafter  to the twisters crooks and illegitimi. I may not be rich but I want to be able to say Im still honest.