simPRO brings cloud offering to the UK

Australia-based simPRO Software, a job management software company for the trade service industry, was at Accountex for the first time to ramp up its international expansion plans.

simPRO’s flagship product, simPRO Enterprise, records every aspect of service business activity to track work done and when. The add-on integrates into the likes of Sage, Xero and QuickBooks and helps accountants report on work in progress and team activity. 

As one of the pioneering job management programs, simPRO has been operating in the cloud since 2003.

Lynelle Hills, country manager for simPRO, is leading the new assault on the UK and heads a team of local development and support specialists in Cambridge.

Hills told AccountingWEB: “We can keep the financial accounting different from the management accounting that is required to run successful operations. We’re talking about job profitability, sector profitability, client profitability, as well as things like managing working progress, CIS, retentions - all those things can be run,” Hills added.

Accountants can get proper productivity and profitability reports on each of these within simPRO itself, she said.

Hills explained how their offering adds further value to clients:


This woman is untrustworthy

terry fyed | | Permalink

This company is a laughing stock. They behave like crooks and vagabonds. This woman cannot tell the truth if her life depended on it. Even her boss said she is pretty much a permenant liar, even if she does not need to. The company promise everything and fail to deliver everytime. Don't let this company ruin your business. 

I reached out to the sales guy who was in charge of my company and what they did to him when he left beggars beleif. Luckily he is about to expose them and her!

Avoid this company who think behaving like their forefathers is accepble. Crooks!!!!!

This woman is untrustworthy

terry fyed | | Permalink

Look simpro is a simple easy to use software for one man bands. However the company is a complete joke. Unethical and downright criminal at times. The hills lady in the video is a liar, plain and simple. She could not tell the truth if her life depended on it. The company is a complete joke so dont waste your time or money on the software go elsewhere.