Grant Thornton's social media tips

For the last three years Grant Thornton has taken a proactive approach to social media implementation with a head of social media.

Paul Thomas, whose official role encompasses digital communications and social media, is responsible for the firm’s social media strategy, implementation and planning.

Thomas said he self-defined the role after being brought into the firm to look at its overall digital channels and strategy five years ago.

“We looked at what others in the industry were doing around social media, and not much was...


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Bang on trend

dogsbreath | | Permalink

Soshal meeja people are so enthused by the thought of an infinite collection of monkeys hitting the keyboard.

What if your "clients" aren't the unwashed masses?  For example if you're doing debt collection,  do you really want to interact with whinging debtors in public?

I want a long-term relationship with my accountant.  Trust.  Face to face.  I don't want someone who gets bored after ten minutes and looks for work displacement on the latest BYOD toy.

Hmm.  Why am I typing this in the office...!

Thomas said he    2 thanks

Stratfan | | Permalink

Thomas said he defined the role for himself

I'll bet he did.

George Gretton's picture

Fecking hell; Formalised Form over Forked Substance.......

George Gretton | | Permalink

Fecking hell; Formalised Form over Forked Substance.......

"Public Relations"

"The Image of the Organisation" (BBC Late night on the news).

A bit like a Senior NHS Administrator referring to "The Patient Experience", rather than to the somewhat more objective notion of ensuring that Doctors and Nurses simply take bloody good care of their patients, whatever the patients "experience", which may inevitably, through their condition, include massive pain and distress.

How is a statistician going to get a "Patient Experience Feedback Statement" from somebody who has just died, in extremis of agony, from cancer?

And some half-wit above actually BRAGS about his "work"?

Mon Dieu, by Codd, this is super-self-revealing. Let us evaluate and assess individuals and organisations by reference to the RESULTS that they actually achieve, not by reference to manufactured appearances, irrelevant illusions and slights of hand, with a slug of "Hospitality" thrown in.


Dog's Breath; Hail Fellow Kindred Spirit!

I'm sorry that I am no longer in Practice; we would have connected well.

All professional relationships have to be founded on trust and respect, including, inter alia, psychotherapeutic such relationships.

The Therapist is NOT some all-knowing God or Goddess, and nor is the Accountant, Doctor, Lawyer etc.

Us Pro's are there to SERVE our clients, from our priviledged situation of acquired skill and understanding.


I was dismayed to hear an accountant say, at the AW bash, that he had not had face-to-face with some clients in years.

How can he possibly know how they are as human beings, that they have not gone off the rails?

Yours, George, Thursday 18th July 2013, 12:06 BST. Phew, time for a cold beer, even if I also have to put some clothes on (although I am decent - I am sporting my boxer-shorts)

Home-working Rocks!



dogsbreath | | Permalink

A glimpse of the future...

George Gretton's picture

Unadulterated Magic, Dog's Breath (Phew! on a hot day......)

George Gretton | | Permalink

Unadulterated Magic, Dog's Breath (Phew! on a hot day......even Kitty the Cat is lying low somewhere in the garden)

I will indeed subscribe to XKCD.

Have you encountered Vimrod?

Same cutting through to the raw quick.

Yours, George, Thursday 18th July 2103, 13:54 BST