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Succession: Are you prepared?

Whatever you age or experience, there will come a time in every practitioner's life when you start planning for succession.

While there are various methods of handing over or selling your firm, including family takeover, selling internally to employees and sourcing other local companies, less traditional methods are emerging from the woodwork. 

One is online. AccountingWEB has their own Opportunities section, which while not solely a location for retiring practitioners to sell or value their firm, is an avenue to do such. 

However, a website aimed directly towards those selling their firms or looking to buy was launched in the last few weeks. is a platform for accountants to have their firms valued and bidded for by other accountants or those seeking to buy a practice. 

While perhaps a positive for those with no available successor, selling online has a number of pros and cons. 

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im only just getting over the

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Very helpful    1 thanks

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Thanks Rachael I found this article very helpful.

The pitfalls of buying block fees were well made by 2 people who commentated on a blog on this subject

local chances

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I have heard someone in the local area near my work has just had a family bereavement but has been looking for help how could i use the chance?

so often local news gets neglected amongst all this. on this subject.


its not a though the idea could be sold to my boss is it?