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Tax experts call for reform not system overhaul

Tax specialists from across the profession have come to a broad consensus that reform is needed for a better international tax system rather than a complete overhaul.

Speaking at the Wyman Symposium on international tax reform at Chartered Accountants’ Hall last night (3 July), tax faculty chair Rebecca Benneyworth summed up the prudent mood of the mixed line-up of experts:

“The broad consensus on the panel is that...


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carnmores's picture

maybe the answer lies in the FEU

carnmores | | Permalink

theys eem to have come up with a way of taxing foreign earnings here

Accountants and Auditors promote fair & transparent tax system?

androo235 | | Permalink

Now, why would they do that!

Henry George - Progress and Poverty. I also like Steve Keen's Debunking Economics - although that's tax related per-se.