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Taxman: Let's talk about real time information

HMRC has launched a new survey to find out how employers are finding the obligation to report PAYE information on or before employees are paid.

Employers and tax advisers can complete the online survey created by HMRC about the real time reporting of deductions from employees wages, which started in April.

As part of a plan to modernise PAYE...


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Lets Vote...

davidecarr@virg... | | Permalink

I might actually complete this survey, as in my view RTI is a really good system and reduces the amount of pointless procedures that were involved with payroll, however I do feel as though HMRC should have had the infrastructure in place before rolling it out as to reduce the amount of issues by summiting all information via RTI, especially through 3rd party software!


Thanks for letting me know about the survey.

Have Completed............

Kazmc | | Permalink

its so important we all take time to complete this, it takes 5 minutes. Lets hope HMRC take note and act on the results? Postponing the penalties for another year would be a start..........