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Testa case: To suspend, or not suspend?

The recent Testa tribunal decision provides a useful argument to secure a penalty suspension. John Flood explains why accountants should be thanking Mr Testa.

Penalties for careless conduct may be suspended, as per FA 2007 Sch.24 para.14. The law, however, provides that HMRC may suspend all or part of a penalty only if compliance with a condition of suspension would help to avoid a person becoming liable to further such penalties.


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B Adder's picture

Accountants rejoicing maybe

B Adder | | Permalink

But what about ATT tax advisers - ouch !

frustratedwithhmrc's picture

Agreed.    2 thanks

frustratedwithhmrc | | Permalink

B Adder wrote:
But what about ATT tax advisers - ouch !

But I'd accept the opinion of my ATT qualified junior before a hundred HMRC staff.

johnjenkins's picture

Here we go    2 thanks

johnjenkins | | Permalink

what is a "suitably qualified professional advisor". If you're ATT and even ATII you're certainly qualified and an advisor.

I'm not convinced that the tribunal did us any favours.