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Top 10 audit problems revisited

As audit firms get into gear to plan their December 2013 year-end audits, Steve Collings takes a look at 10 of the most common pitfalls flagged up by file reviewers and the professional bodies which auditors should try to avoid.

1. Engagement letter

One of the most frequent areas of concern relates to the letter of engagement between the auditor and the client. In more rare situations there is not a letter of engagement between the client and the auditor. The importance of the engagement letter cannot be over-emphasised - not only to comply with ISA 210 Agreeing the terms of audit engagements but also to ensure that there is clear understanding as to the responsibilities of the auditor and the responsibilities of management. 

Audit firms must ensure that...

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  1. Revenue recognition
  2. Fraud
  3. Stock
  4. Written representations
  5. Going concern
  6. Documentation
  7. Two-way communication
  8. Subsequent events
  9. Audit report



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Auditing the Banks

redboam | | Permalink

It's a great pity that all of these protocols were not regularly applied by the auditors of our major banks prior to 2007.