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Top tips for staying in control of a tax enquiry

Gabelle has come up with a new guide to effectively managing and resolving HMRC enquiries into your clients’ affairs.

The firm provides some practical and effective tips that you, as an adviser, can use when dealing with the Revenue. John Hood, head of tax investigations at Gabelle, explains that these simple steps will help limit the risk of an enquiry.

The document also includes tips to assist in cases where your client tells you that there may be an issue with a previously submitted return and looks to you to find the best way of resolving the problems with the past while minimising the cost.

Here is a shortened version of the guide...


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You missed one

Mouse007 | | Permalink

26. Knowing when the Investigating Inspector of Taxes is trying to trick you


Be on your guard when his lips are moving.


Tax Enquiry

Anita Houlson | | Permalink

Refuse to let your paperwork out of your site, remain with it at all times, take a book and a flask of coffee, and offer to stay in the corner of the room!!