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Top video marketing tips for accountants

Many accounting firms appear to be getting to grips with marketing of all kinds, from social media to more traditional email bulletins and asserting their expertise.

But one area that particularly smaller firms could be more proficient in and holds many “powerful” opportunities is video marketing.

Linked to video marketing is also the second most popular search engine next to, and owned by, Google: YouTube, meaning even a presence on such a site could be good for your online marketing strategy.

Firms who have already realised this include not only bigger names such as Bishop Fleming and Grant Thornton, but also smaller entities like Gordons Knight.

The latter has embraced multimedia and uses online tools to offer free, five-minute coaching via email, fortnightly webinars and...


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The benefits of video    1 thanks

taxhelpukcom | | Permalink

Good points. I've been using YouTube myself since 2009 and experienced many of the benefits:

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Great YouTube channel    1 thanks

markwickersham | | Permalink

You've got a great YouTube channel, James.  It's not surprising you're seeing benefits.

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Benefits of video    1 thanks

Growth partners | | Permalink

I'm sure we'll get round to incorporating video soon, as its also clearly excellent for SEO.


Without subscribing to the usual character assassination of dull accountants, I'm sure most of our ilk aren't really suited to sitting in front of a camera (confidence, personality etc) and so that puts off the vast majority, but there are many other creative ways of accomplishing the same goal, some of which are outlined above. The use of infographics and similar 'animated' videos can also be very powerful to get marketing messages across.

Chris Chapman

PR for accountants

jameswright | | Permalink

Hi there,

Some great video marketing tips here

For tips around PR for accountants, why not try having a look at our blog here:

Hope you find it interesting!

Video marketing

Osg00d | | Permalink

Good tips

Pity the examples are so amateur. I can't believe that 'Death by Powerpoint' is going to work for anyone - and badly presented and edited to camera pieces are shameful in the modern age.

There are some good examples of accountants using video - these ain't!

Animated Videos

jimmyanderson49 | | Permalink

I am fully impressed with your post, I know the unique and interactive way of “creative animation” where animation and words march together, a unique animated video must be capable of expressing a meaning of the nature of business.