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Committee queries tax crackdown forecasts

Government estimates for how much money measures against tax avoidance will raise may be unreliable, the Treasury committee has suggested, after the UK's tax evasion agreement with Switzerland raised far less than expected.

In 2012 the government forecast that its Swiss tax deal - under which Britons with money hidden in Swiss bank accounts are taxed and the money transferred to the Treasury without revealing the identity of the account holders - would raise £5.3bn, according to the Treasury committee.

Since then this estimate has been...


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johnjenkins | | Permalink

We told you so.

perhaps we should just    1 thanks

justsotax | | Permalink

shorten the opening paragraph to 'government estimates unreliable'....that pretty much covers everything then.

While most of the Britain

LindaLolly | | Permalink

While most of the Britain population leaves from paycheck to paycheck, sometimes depending on alternative funding online, the Government estimates earnings and the estimations grow within several passages actually. Would the country and its citizens really benefit from such measures I wonder.