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Tribunal rules on partnership services VAT

Partnerships can only recover a small amount of VAT on fees for accountancy services to partnerships under guidelines by HMRC, a first-tier tribunal has ruled.

In the case Mundays LLP v HMRC TC02374, law firm Mundays disputed with HMRC the amount of VAT it could recover on fees paid to Menzies.

The court heard that Menzies did not deliver a single invoice to the appellant covering all its services. 


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personal tax returns fees

David Gordon FCCA | | Permalink

How may clever persons be so daft.

For decades HMRC as a matter of principle have always refused to allow fees for preparing personal tax returns. There is a whole Wagnerian Opera of moans and groans regarding this injustice.

To do so would be to admit that professional help may be needed, but it is a fundamental (Political) plank of the SA system, that taxpayers are able to prepare their own "Personal tax returns". and

"Would cost HMRC too much money" This direct from the mouth of Dave Hartnett, previous boss of HMRC.

So, sensible accountants bill their clients for accountancy services rendered, and throw in the Tax return as an almost-freebie.

Remember the old Whyte & Mackay whisky advert?

"Buy the cap and the bottle comes free".