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Tweetdeck could be struck off for late accounts

Twitter-owned company Tweetdeck is at risk of being dissolved after repeatedly failing to submit accounts to Companies House (CH).

This week, CH confirmed that the company behind the popular social media application are in default on the submission of their annual accounts and have started strike off action. 

"As a matter of routine, we have written to the company at least three times to request that they file as soon as possible," a CH spokesperson said. 

"We have started strike off action, with the first Gazette notice due to be published this week." 

Tweetdeck UK will then have 98 days to file up-to-date accounts or face being struck off the register and dissolved. 



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Shame, shame on Twitters CFO.

Steve-EBL | | Permalink

Shame, shame on Twitters CFO.

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Belarieq | | Permalink

How can a high profile company be that sloppy?