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Unison challenges employment tribunal fees

Britain's biggest public sector union begun a legal challenge against the introduction of fees for workers claiming cases of unfair dismissal and discrimination.

Unison has applied for a judicial review of the Ministry of Justice's decision to introduce employment tribunal fees from 29 July.

Fees can be up to...


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Unison and other unions    1 thanks

Glennzy | | Permalink

Are the blight our this country and have all but seen off industry in this country. "This will make it virtually impossible for employee to exercise his rights" what a load of poppycock. The £1000 is returned if they win. Unlike the £10000 legal fee the employer has to pay if he wins, as you never get awarded costs. The current system allows ex employees to blackmail employers as they end up the ridiculous situation where an employer pays £5000 to stop a claim to avoid paying £10000 to a lawyer to clear his name. If anyone has a valid claim surely unison would fund the £1000 as it will come back to them if successful. The only reason they are against it as it will stop the spurious claims which keep them in jobs and chokes the life out of small business in this country. They should make it £3000