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Universal Credit: MPs raise fraud concerns

The government must give “swift assurance” that the introduction of the Universal Credit will not cause a rise in benefit fraud, MPs have said.

The Communities and Local Government Committee said it was “extremely concerning” that the fraud detection system was “still at an early stage”.

It also said councils could be left out of pocket by changes because they may cause an increase in rent arrears.

Ministers have said...


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It's a government IT project

The Black Knight | | Permalink

It's a government IT project of course there will be fraud.

A whole load of cash is about to go underground because of RTI alone.

It is quite common for benefit claimants to use their housing benefit for whatever then not pay the rent. Now it's just universal credit it will perhaps not be a fraud anymore? Perhaps that's what they mean?

If you can't see it then it doesn't exist - has long since been a government way of dealing with problems.