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Vatican accountant arrested over £17m fraud


Chief accountant of the Vatican Monsignor Nunzio Scarano has been arrested for attempting to bring £17m into Italy illegally from Switzerland.

The bishop was arrested alongside a member of the Italian secret service and a financial broker for...


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mydoghasfleas's picture

Jesus saves.....

mydoghasfleas | | Permalink

The Pope invests

The Vatican money launders

oh come on    1 thanks

The Black Knight | | Permalink

that's no more than 3 hail Mary's and two our fathers.

at least there's no one hanging upside down under London bridges this time.

mydoghasfleas's picture

Bunga Bunga

mydoghasfleas | | Permalink

I don't know, it could be two full rosaries worth.

It might get interesting when we find out Burlesconi was involved.  I love the way it involves the Italian Government secret service and a government plane.  I note there is no hanging yet, as Black Knight points out, but he is suspended; it's not too far off from dangling off Blackfriars Bridge.

Tom 7000's picture

I wonder

Tom 7000 | | Permalink

how did he get £17m into switzerland in the first place

he saved

The Black Knight | | Permalink

Tom 7000 wrote:

how did he get £17m into switzerland in the first place

He saved up his pocket money

and a rich uncle left him some money, the rest he won on the horses.

I wonder how much more money is coming out of switzerland before they tax them.

did he take vow of poverty?

Tom 7000's picture

pocket money

Tom 7000 | | Permalink

crumbs is pocket money taxable if you take it to Italy...I am not going there

Did anyone else notice this ?    1 thanks

Kryonic70x7 | | Permalink

“The Holy See has not yet received any request from the competent Italian authorities on the matter, but has confirmed its willingness to cooperate fully,”

Makes you wonder if they received something from the 'incompetent Italian authorities' that they aren't disclosing ? ? ?