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Website lead generation for accountants

Mark Lee interviews Nick Jervis, a non-practising solicitor about how accountants can use their websites for lead generation.

ML: Hi Nick. How did your interest in this area develop?

NJ: It is based on my experience of being a professional service provider when I was a solicitor, and then, since 2003, my experience of working with accountants and other professional service providers to help them generate leads. I know that if you ask accountants whether they would rather spend their time marketing their services or providing their services, 99 out of every 100 will choose the latter. I was obviously in the odd one because I enjoyed the marketing so much I stopped practising law.

ML: I agree Nick. The vast majority of accountants would much rather be looking after their clients rather than running around trying to find their next batch of new clients.

NJ: The beauty of the internet, in terms of lead generation, is that...


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Your Website Genie

njervis | | Permalink

Mark, thank you very much for this, I really enjoyed the interview.

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Great Interview    1 thanks

David Winch | | Permalink

Thanks Mark and Nick.

All sound, practical advice. Just needs implementing.

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Accountant Lead Generation

Accountant Lead... | | Permalink
Really an amazing interview related to lead generations for accountants. Thanks so much for sharing this.


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Toronto Accountant

Toronto Accountant | | Permalink
What an informative interview concerning accounting lead generations! Thanks so much for this…really enjoyed.