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What kind of accountant are you?

This light-hearted quiz is presented in association with CCH Software to help practitioners identify their working styles and habits. While intended as a bit of fun, it is designed to highlight areas where you can maximise your natural attributes and smooth the workings of your firm. Your working personality type is described in more detail in a guide that can be downloaded on completion of the quiz. 



I got - Personable Practitioner

tom123 | | Permalink

Feels about right to me..

ShirleyM's picture

Hmmm ...

ShirleyM | | Permalink

I got 'Efficiency Ninja' ... watch out for those lethal moves, folks. :)

SteveOH's picture

I'm an efficiency ninja as well

SteveOH | | Permalink

Except that I'm not...well, I am a little bit.

Ninja here too

Flash Gordon | | Permalink

I'm an efficiency ninja too, but some of those questions didn't really have the right answer for me so I had to go for the nearest option. Interested to know the other outcomes available...

Personable practitioner here

Sheepy306 | | Permalink

Personable practitioner here too. Mostly right. Intrigued as to what Ninja's eat, tapas?

personable practitioner    2 thanks

Jekyll and Hyde | | Permalink

Quite happy with the findings. Perhaps Hyde can have a go next!

stepurhan's picture

Technical Boffin    1 thanks

stepurhan | | Permalink

This also apparently makes me Neo from The Matrix stopping hundreds of bullets with the power of my mind.

But as Flash said, there were several questions where I had to pick a "that will do" answer rather than a good answer. For example I picked online gaming for the free time activity. The quiz probably is thinking one of those online games where you fight alongside/against other people. I actually write about online/downloadable adventure games in my free time. Short of having several people in the same room suggesting what to do next, these are all solo endeavours. The quiz thus probably views me as more sociable than I really am.

JCresswellTax's picture

efficiency ninja

JCresswellTax | | Permalink

And i agree with it! ;)

John Stokdyk's picture

Intuitive rather than scientific    2 thanks

John Stokdyk | | Permalink

Glad to see everyone is enjoying the quiz so far. It's a playful attempt to describe some of the people we encounter on AccountingWEB and perhaps narrows the field down more than is absolutely realistic. But it's encouraging to see the number of "just about fits" responses - at least we're in the right ballpark.

And, come to think of it we could have written the "Technical Boffin" category with you in mind, stepurhan! The options are deliberately nebulous in some cases, but it's perfectly feasible for Boffins to exhibit some Digital Commando behaviour too.

stepurhan's picture

It's true

stepurhan | | Permalink

I do wear sunglasses and stop bullets with my mind. :-) Technical Boffin probably is a fair description of me.

Sorry to have come across as negative. I think this is a problem with all quizzes of this sort. Unless you have hundreds of options, which would be silly, you will always have loads of people for whom none of the options you did choose seem to fit perfectly.

I want to know what the other pictures are. What does an efficiency ninja look like? (or, as a ninja, are they invisible?) Is the Personable Practitioner just a picture of John Stokdyk? What other types are still lurking undiscovered? Enquiring minds want to know.

Personable Practitioner

DawnT | | Permalink

Sorry I haven't helped with unearthing any other categories - I am a personable practitioner!!

mrme89's picture

Personable practioner here

mrme89 | | Permalink

Personable practioner here too.


I think it was the fish & chips that swayed it.

Paul Bulpitt's picture

I'm a Digital Commando    1 thanks

Paul Bulpitt | | Permalink

Kind of happy with that! Could have been a lot worse....

John Stokdyk's picture

Seems to fit you, Paul

John Stokdyk | | Permalink

When I saw your tweet I thought that you were a good embodiment of a Digital Commando. Do you like sushi?

Meanwhile, where have all the Delegators gone? Have we based one of our working profiles on an extinct breed?

Technical Boffin

pedre | | Permalink

Which I do sort of agree with! Think it was the Spotify that swayed it.

Paul Bulpitt's picture

Yes John....

Paul Bulpitt | | Permalink

It's actually a pretty good description I think! I've got our team on the case too. Have you taken the test yourself? What did you get?

John Stokdyk's picture

Not sure any more...

John Stokdyk | | Permalink

I've taken the quiz so many times that I can't remember my original result - I think I came out as something like a Personable Technical Commando, which just about fits.

James Reeves's picture

Delegators    5 thanks

James Reeves | | Permalink

John Stokdyk wrote:

Meanwhile, where have all the Delegators gone? 

They presumably got somebody else to do the quiz for them...

Old Greying Accountant's picture

Ha ha ...    1 thanks

Old Greying Acc... | | Permalink

... Technical Boffin - but as said, some of the questions didn't have scope for a one man and sole practice. First question almost had me giving up - plan my day, what does that mean? I sit at my desk in the morning, crank up some tunes or find that show I missed on TV last night whilst looking at the over-night e-mails and may be a quick squint at the things my wife doesn't let me and then the day just happens!

But, loved this bit:

"You can be a bit of a lone wolf when it comes to complying with administrative disciplines expected of less gifted mortals "

So, overall, spot on!


DennisBugg | | Permalink

Would be interesting to see the overall results.

Especially how many turn out dull and boring.....

John Stokdyk's picture

@Flash Gordon - downloadable guide

John Stokdyk | | Permalink

Hi Flash, in all the excitement this morning, I forgot to mention that if you'd like to know more about the different practitioner working styles there's a downloadable report available when you complete the quiz

Try doing the quiz again (choosing your second most likely answers) and at the end there's a link that will take you to a page where you can get more detailed descriptions of all the personality types. 

If you don't want to waste your precious time, this is the link for Efficiency Ninjas - but everybody gets the same report.

Cheers John

Flash Gordon | | Permalink

Thank you!

I want a cape!

Flash Gordon | | Permalink

Well I'd say I've got Technical Boffin in my blood as well as Efficiency Ninja but I do wish they came with a cape for those moments when you want to go for that Count Dracula dramatic flair! 

Locutus's picture

I'm Technical Boffin

Locutus | | Permalink

I'm not sure the hat really fits for me, as I tend to avoid the technical questions on Aweb!

But at least I get to pretend that I'm Neo from the Matrix, so that's not bad.

Technical boffin

phillipk | | Permalink

Spot on :-D

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jonsa | | Permalink

Another Ninja here.

Ermintrude's picture

Personable Practitioner

Ermintrude | | Permalink

which doesn't feel like me at all.  Plus there's a picture of some people swilling alcohol, smoking, and something on a banner behind them - does that say "cum" or something?  And "couples"? Maybe they're swingers?  Which most certainly isn't me.  Sorry to disappoint you gents.  And ladies, come to that (oops - no pun intended there).

Digital Commando

kellyanstee | | Permalink

Really great quiz guys! thanks

Another Personable Practitioner here

MarkKing | | Permalink

I blame the lack of technological innovation in the office. It's forcing me to be social!

Personable Practitioner

Violet2005 | | Permalink

And I agree

Glennzy's picture

Another Personable fella here    1 thanks

Glennzy | | Permalink

Whilst I probably  agree with that, I do tend to think of myself as more the "Bruce Willis" type action hero of accountancy.

Well that what I tell my wife.

Vests    2 thanks

Flash Gordon | | Permalink

Glennzy wrote:

Whilst I probably  agree with that, I do tend to think of myself as more the "Bruce Willis" type action hero of accountancy.

Well that what I tell my wife.

Is that because you run around saving lives or because you're losing your hair and like your white vests?! ;)

Steve McQueen's picture


Steve McQueen | | Permalink

I look pretty, but do nothing - about right!

Ann Lovatt's picture

Personable Practitioner!

Ann Lovatt | | Permalink

Yep defo me! I enjoy my practice work but sometimes struggle to fit it into my busy life with family & Girlguding/ voluntary community commitments :-)

Basically I want to be retired or a "kept woman".........any offers?


dialm4accounts's picture

Digital Commando!

dialm4accounts | | Permalink

I'm a Digital Commando... which suits both the high-tech environment I work in and my enjoyment of software and apps! Not sure the militaristic title fits a Quaker accountant, though :)

Digital Commando!!

Celia Botha | | Permalink

Digital Commando!!

You're the Digital Commando! You are confident in your own abilities and are keen to exploit the latest tools and technologies to enhance your personal productivity. You thrive in a flexible workplace, where staff are encouraged to be responsive to client circumstances and needs. You enjoy encountering new situations and challenges that require innovative solutions, but may need to keep an eye on deadlines and internal procedures to ensure you deliver a consistent level of service.

taxhound's picture

Personable Practitioner

taxhound | | Permalink

Another one here!

johnjenkins's picture

Personable Practitioner

johnjenkins | | Permalink

Although there were a couple of questions that could have made me something else.

Like the free afternoon. If it's thursday I'm away for the weekend (I nearly always have fridays off). If it's a wednesday I wouldn't have it off, unless of course I was having a meeting with Blondie or Rebecca Brooks eh OGA.

andy.partridge's picture

Me too

andy.partridge | | Permalink

ShirleyM wrote:

I got 'Efficiency Ninja' ... watch out for those lethal moves, folks. :)

Old Greying Accountant's picture


Old Greying Acc... | | Permalink

.... did I read that right :o0

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ArsalanShah | | Permalink

Personable Practitioner ..feels right for me :)

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Digital Commando

tasnim675 | | Permalink

brilliant analysis, pretty much spot on for me!

Not another

AJ05 | | Permalink

Personable Practitioner-Yes, it is true that I have a good ability to understand other people's needs and I build strong relationships too, Sounds about right.

entire difference

hungaud | | Permalink

humor, dynamic and sportly..

Eoghan2's picture

I got Personable Practitioner

Eoghan2 | | Permalink

I got Personable Practitioner - Must say I agree with most of the attributes!!!!!!!!

Tosspot    4 thanks

SJH-ADVDIPMA | | Permalink

I thought it a bit harsh.

buttercup books's picture

- so where's the link

buttercup books | | Permalink

Now I'm really upset - it won't let me play - maybe I'm Spoilt Brat - but


where's the link to the survey - the Let's play button on my screen goes no where ??


FCExtraordinaire | | Permalink

Personable practictioner,   About right but do have attention to detail.

daniel.moss@expressaccountancy.com's picture


daniel.moss@exp... | | Permalink

Personable Practitioner! - happy with that! 

Technical boffin

Balthski | | Permalink

Highly debatable result that one.