What's on your Christmas reading list? | AccountingWEB

What's on your Christmas reading list?

Winter jumpers are being pulled out of hibernation, Christmas lights are twinkling and temperatures are hitting below zero - it's definitely that time of the year again. 

While slap bang in the middle of Self Assessment season, Christmas can give you the opportunity you need to kick back and relax, and what better way to do that than with a good book. 

AccountingWEB have compiled a list of 10 top books from 2012 to read this Christmas. We're also looking for members' suggestions and reading lists, so feel free to comment with yours beneath the article. 

Here's our list: 


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sluglet's picture

Fade to Grey    2 thanks

sluglet | | Permalink

Everybody finished reading 'Fifty Shades of Grey' then?

(Despite the title there's no mention of John Major or accountancy in it anywhere!)


John Stokdyk's picture

Too close to the mark!

John Stokdyk | | Permalink

I have to admit to total bewilderment about the sex-conquers-all triumph of '50 shades' this year - the unquestioned Book of the Year for 2012 from my non-scientific sampling technique on trains and other semi-public areas. But then what did I ever know about the female psyche?

Apart from 'Accrual World', our starter list is a little on the heavy side for my tastes, both in terms of pagination and subject matter. After a hard day at the keyboard, I look for something a little lighter and am building a growing interest in Tartan Noir, our home-grown precursor to the Scandi-crime wave. Anne Cleeves' Shetland quartet is top of my reading list just now, but I am holding off on one of the stories to see what they make of it in the TV series due soon.

So that I don't swamp this thread with my pet obsessions, I'll pop over and continue singing the praises of Iain Rankin and Anne Cleeves in the Book Group.

Ever since she RT'd a tweet of ours about the Tartan Noir festival, Anne Cleeves has also been a friend of mine on Twitter. I bet you don't get that from the author of '50 Shades'!

You can't beat....

Flash Gordon | | Permalink

good old Enid Blyton! If everyone read her books the world would be a better place :)

Though I might check out Anne Cleeves on Amazon. Meanwhile my Christmas break will be spent reading the sizeable pile of books that I've bought in various fits of enthusiasm and never found the time to read yet. Oh and I'll be spending many happy hours with a pile of cookery books dribbling over the pictures - like porn, only you don't mind your mother seeing them ;)

jaybee661's picture

Dare I say this?

jaybee661 | | Permalink

It's 'Implementing Value Pricing' by Ron Baker...

You may...

Flash Gordon | | Permalink

dare but equally you may live to regret it! But I hope we can look forward to a detailed review of its merits in January?!

Scarily I've got another of his masterpieces on my bookshelf (untouched) - Pricing on Purpose: Creating & Capturing Value. Apparently it moves beyond the rhetoric of value, providing concrete examples of value in both a consumer and business context. To hell with the turkey and the Queen's speech, I've got my entertainment in one handy hardback! Apparently its written in everyday language - I'm just hoping its our language and not Bob's!! Maybe we could do swapsies afterwards :)

jaybee661's picture

@Flash Gordon

jaybee661 | | Permalink

I did offer to write a sensible, unbiased review once I've read it but I'm not sure if Henry will let me unleash the subject of VP again.

I could always write my review under a completely different subject line (something like 'Mince pies & brandy butter') but I have a feeling he might twig!