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Who’d want to be a managing partner?

Møller PSF Group partners present findings from a recent survey of 150 managing partners from professional services in Europe and the USA on what sets truly successful managing partners apart from their peers.

Our model of what successful managing partners (MPs) do was developed from researching and working with professional services firms over 20 years. The model categorises successful MP behaviour under four broad headings: setting direction; gaining commitment; execution; and personal example.

Each of the broad headings encompasses specific behaviours and, in this short article, we’ll focus on what we think are the behaviours that have the most impact.

We’ll come back to the fifth element, context, at the end.


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Easy answer

Tom 7000 | | Permalink

Own 50%+  of the equity...makes life easier...failing that take the pay, delegate everything, reward the other partners soley on departmental profitability  and sit with your feet up...profits go up, you are a star and your golf handicap improves...whats hard about that? Huh?