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Excel for Windows: 25 years on

Microsoft launched Excel for Windows back in 1987 and effectively replaced Lotus 1-2-3 despite being a late-comer to the spreadsheet party.

In a an archive video clip put out by HISTORY.com a young Bill Gates extols the “high quality output” of Excel and talks about how impressed people would be if you presented them with Excel spreadsheets in meetings.

Gates can be seen answering questions from the press at a launch event about the “dazzling” new software.


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VisiCalc ....

JC | | Permalink

Not patented - http://www.bricklin.com/patenting.htm

So along comes M$ and cleans up turning something that was originally gratis into a cash cow - mmmmm .......

Clearly set the tone for M$ future - and now into patent harvesting mode, although they don't seem see the irony of nabbing someone elses idea and claiming as their own

A question - name one mainstream product in the M$ stable that was their idea from scratch and not based upon others work/initiatives

TaxTeddy's picture

To be fair...

TaxTeddy | | Permalink

..they have developed it quite a bit.

Mind you, I use OpenOffice