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Another weekend – Little has changed

I am up early since I have a lot to do (just had to blog!) – Every weekend I say to myself I will try and have weekends free to relax. It just does not turn out this way.

I need to move around a lot more this weekend. Last night I went to my favourite restaurant  and had a great meal. I just wanted a break from my normal food. I am surprised that I felt comfortable eating in a restaurant on my own.

I just do not want to get on the scales on Thursday and be told half a pound loss or a gain. Though the amount I ate means I am heading this way.

So my weekend to do list is:

  • Food shopping
  • Domestic chores
  • Gym – on Sunday
  • Practice work (a lot to do) up to 1pm on Sunday. I know I will go on for longer. The marketing plan is hard but is proving to be so helpful.
  • Move itunes to new computer- have been putting this off
  • Call electrician to correct shoddy work done on halogen lights by some prat.
  • Pay home and business bills
  • Look for ISA for new tax year
  • Plan work for next week for me and staff on toodledo
  • Clean the work office. Just not willing to pay £20 a week to clean a one room office.
  • Catch up with AW Any Answers.

Best I start working straight away.

I know this is a boring blog. It helps me to get it off my system. 

What are you doing over the weekend?


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Got rained on with the pooch (it waited til we went out and stopped when we came in!), napped on sofa, brushed cats, discovered that clumps of cat hair don't flush away!, read and ate. Sometimes a really lazy day is a very good thing. I'm planning on doing much of the same tomorrow!


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I spent part of the day at a local Musuem I help out at: they've moved over the winter, and I was setting up part if the Musuem shop for the new season.

Then a short workout at home - I did a longer one last night at the local gym - then yoga. I've recently discovered yoga - I'm addicted: for the last few weeks I've had a class in Saturday, none today, but spent a long time trying to perfect some moves and positions. Headstands are proving obstinate, but as I approach my 46th year, seeing as I've never done one in my life, that's probably not surprising.

Fitted the washing in as well somewhere!

Gym last night, short workout at home tonight.

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