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The challenges of international expansion


All businesses know that international growth is no easy task, yet it can offer ideal opportunities for growth. A number of challenges must be properly understood before expansion can take place. From local legislations, language and currency barriers to global company standards and location-specific risks, all pose a challenge for growing organisations.

International considerations can all too often be underestimated, but managing the cultural implications of international expansion is a non-negotiable ingredient for its success. Those companies that carry out cross-cultural communication efficiently will find their competitive position enhanced both at home and abroad. An increased ability to share information and experience will also better equip them to meet long-term business objectives.

However, rigorous planning and flawless communication are easily undone by inadequate technology. From the outset, companies seeking to expand internationally must translate languages, juxtapose currencies and combine conflicting data formats, relying entirely on their IT systems. As a result, incompatible tools and structures scattered across multiple locations can turn global businesses into a tangled mess of inconsistencies and data discrepancies.

Using the right business software provides valuable control across the organisation, guaranteeing effective information transfer for decision-making processes. Investment in a global standardised business software solution can result in higher data quality, greater efficiency and the all-important transparency needed for successful international trade. To find out how Exact’s software can help your international expansion strategy, visit our website.

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