Christmas Message

With all due respect your Majesty I know you will steal  the show from me tomorrow, so I am getting in early.

As I tuck into my heavily calorie ridden Christmas meal with smiles, one thing that I am sure will be on my mind is my survival in the practice world. I need to change.

There are undoubtedly people who do extremely well regardless of market conditions. They just adapt to market needs and keep a very close eye on the competition. They don’t moan like I do – they act and get on with it! This is what I need to do.

Here is what I think what makes a good business thinking practitioner

1.    Glass half full type of person and risk takers

2.    Be highly client focussed

3.    Be a good networker

4.    Good time manager

5.    Delegate, delegate, delegate

6.    Take on staff early

7.    Don’t try and do everything

8.    Just don’t give up

After you have watched the far inferior message from Her Majesty, in which all she wants is world peace. How boring! All I want is to survive. That is far more important to be me than some world peace expectation.  

I am taking a break, not because it is a birthday of some guy called Jesus ( I didn't t even know him!). It is because it will be dead everyone else and it will be an enforced but much needed 2 days break.

After the run of bad luck I have had over the past few days I so want to box someone on the 26th . Is that why it’s called boxing day? I so hope my sister in law does not wind me up! It will just be the last straw.

Thank you so much for reading my blog and taking the time to comment. I really do appreciate it. Have a very Merry Christmas! 

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Merry Christmas to you too FT    1 thanks

ShirleyM | | Permalink

I'm not religious, but I love the atmosphere at Christmas. I hope you enjoy it, too.

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Happy Christmas FT!    1 thanks

Flash Gordon | | Permalink

Enjoy your nosh, forget about work and think happy thoughts (in the hope of avoiding fisticuffs!)

I did notice though that your message wasn't in 3D so Queenie has got one up on you there. Well, I assume yours wasn't in 3D but then I won't know if hers is either!! Maybe next year she'll let you write hers for her - that way we can have a laugh and not have to put up with hearing about how her free-loading idle offspring and their children have done bugger all again. Bah humbug.

Fingers crossed your luck improves and that Santa mows down the thieving sod who nicked your bike when he pops round mine tonight to deliver all my presents.

Anyway, got to get the stuffing ready and have a quick wipe around. I could have sworn I was going to have a nice relaxing time off!

Have a splendid Chrimbo and New Year!

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It ain't how hard you hit...    1 thanks

Steve McQueen | | Permalink

As Rocky rightly said, "it ain't how hard you hit, it's how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward, how much you take and keep moving on, that's how winning is done..."

Me and you should get together for a chat in the new year.

Keep well


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OGA and Steve

FirstTab | | Permalink

Thank you so much for asking to meet up.

Lets get Jan out of the way and then looking at getting together.

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