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Could the cloud take over from on premise?

Within four years, the cloud could be the dominant platform for It and business architecture – that’s according to a recent report from Saugatuck Technology Inc. In their latest Global Cloud Business Software Survey Data Report , the company claims that th4e move to adopt cloud technology is accelerating rapidly and so we may be looking at a complete sea change in terms how IT Leaders work.

The report says that rather than investing in new on premise systems, organisations will move to a hybrid solution and that most of that hybrid solution ill then shift towards total cloud/SaaS services within the next few years.

However , it also accepts that larger organisations will be slower to move financial applications such as those used for budgeting and reporting & planning to public and private clouds.

So what do you think your company’s IT infrastructure look like in four years time? Will you still be operating purely on premise systems for your accounting or will the majority of your applications be in online?


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I am moving clients now to

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I am moving clients now to cloud based accounting , they are requesting it , rather than I having to sell it to them. 

Forecasting after the event ..

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Yet another organisation forecasting events almost after they have happened - perhaps there is an opening for them as weather forecasters on the BBC

The whole Cloud (ASP, SaaS) scene is a goldmine for pundits who were not innovators at the time (circa 12 years ago), failed to voice their opinion on Cloud then or even had sufficient belief in their own abilities to back the Cloud innovation at its inception

A lot of firms fall into this category from Microsoft (woefully failed innovation - preferring patent harvesting) all the way down to opinion based organisation who have a 'vision' on the future but fail to declare it until after the event

Credit should go to the risk takers and innovators at the time and not latter day pundits or those who have the financial muscle to capitalise on others ideas after they have been proven

and the marvellous thing is that these pioneers are being proven right ... excellent

Basically anyone who was not actively pursuing development in the Cloud environment 10 years ago is an opportunist (probably very successful) using ideas from others as their spring-board, but devoid of ideas themselves

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