Dear Santa

Dear Santa

What a year! Yet I would never go back to being an employee regardless of level.

I love having my own practice. Though it is such a challenge in a highly competitive market. The worst part is it will get tougher with every man and his dog being able start a practice and they are!

At times I feel very low. Sometimes I feel yep things are going well. Than within a day or so it all changes.

Today was the worst day of the year. When you come around to drop my presents we can have a chat about this. Talking of presents I want to make sure you only give me what I need. Here is my list.

I would like perfect answers to:

What is the right price?

What is right marketing to get the results I want?

What actions will lead to client expansion?

Perfect Practice management solution

Coping with a demanding workload

Only taking on profitable clients

How to have a clear vision

Expansion without boring networking

I am sure you are very busy at this time of the year. At least it is all over for you on the 25th. My stress continues till the 31st of the following month. I think you have it easier! Also let's not forget you have a team of elves helping you. Where as I have just one person.

By the way you really need to lose the excess weight, fancy joining me on my weight loss journey?

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Look back    3 thanks

petersaxton | | Permalink

I have been saying this for a year now but I think I have to address my own failings first. If I receive data from a client I should try to do the work the very next day. Only when there is missing information should I accept I can't turn it round that quickly. If I don't get a reply within a month I should phone the client. If I send an email chasing for a small amount of information I should phone after a week. This year I've had at least three clients who I've chased for confirmation of the company annual return and they have ignored me but then when Companies House send them a threatening reminder they think it relates to the accounts and can't understand because I have told them that the accounts were filed months ago. I then send them details of all the emails they have not replied to and the excuses start! To summarise: turn round work next day and chase clients by phone after a week! But don't start until 01/02/13!

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Give up accountancy    1 thanks

Flash Gordon | | Permalink

And write a book instead! Writing is where your talents lie and you could have a bestseller in the Humour category.

You're right about every man and his dog starting their own practices - my dog was saying only yesterday that she was thinking about starting an accountancy practice. She seemed less keen though when I pointed out that she didn't know what accountancy was (despite my having gone on about it so often in her direction) and that it might involve getting off the sofa occasionally. She said she'd wondered why I sat at my desk so long each day but figured I was just ordering more dvds off Amazon (and could I find one about squirrels for her). I'm hoping that's one competitor I've managed to disuade and I'll be spreading the word down the park when it stops raining....

Let the dog do it    1 thanks

wilcoskip | | Permalink

From what I've seen, not knowing what accountancy is, and not wanting to get off the sofa, are no barriers to setting up in accountancy.  It'll probably still see her being about average.


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Accounting Alchemy    1 thanks

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Hi FirstTab

If Santa gives you the answers to all of those questions then I will start believing in him again....



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My dog thinks ...    1 thanks

Old Greying Acc... | | Permalink

... accountancy is about counting ants, which she finds tricky as they move too fast, amazingly so as their legs are so short!

Hope Santa brings you some of    1 thanks

Lilac1 | | Permalink

Hope Santa brings you some of the things on your wish list although writing a book might be your calling too.

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