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Distance working isn't what they say it is

I just spent the Sun and Mon in Cumbria on a working break. Well, the weather was quite wintry to say the least and I reckon it was knocking out my phone signal. So I restorted to emailing back and forth . Tolerable , just about for a day or two . Sometimes I work  from home , where we have a fixed line telephone but it's just not the same. Just try sorting out a problem  when you're not on site. You can't read the body language and people lose the impulse to respond like they would if you were in the room and you lack a certain authority when you aren't there - well you would , wouldn't you ? On a much more serious and important matter I have been scratching my head wondering what exactly somebody would be bribing their postman to do. Deliver the mail a day earlier than everybody else ? Sell me cheap stamps ? Lend me the not so shiny red van so I can park with impunity ?   

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