Do you work harder for yourself?

I wonder are they many like me who worked harder for their employers than themselves? 

With no TV I was reflecting on this. I use to put in long hours and get to the office far earlier. This was simply because of external pressures of deadlines and wanting to be seen as a model employee for career progression.

Working for myself is just not the same. Looking at my time sheets I do not put in long hours and I certainly do not get to the office early. During my employee days I use to wake up at 5:30am and leave my flat for work at 6:45am. At that time of the morning London is buzzing with commuters. Now I wake up between 7am to 7:30am.  

Why am I not the same any more? I think it is because I am no longer under the same external pressure any more. How shameful that I only worked hard when I was under the control of my previous employers.

If you are like me think of what we could achieve with the same work ethic as we had when we were under the control of our employers? I certainly let myself off the hook too easily.  I doubt it if all the self employed are like me. I am sure they work harder for themselves.

Do you work harder for yourself?     

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Define 'Hard'    1 thanks

should_be_working | | Permalink

I think being self-employed you judge yourself based on real outputs - turnover, client satisfaction, whatever - rather than the hours worked or visibility at the desk. If that constitutes working less hard, then I too plead guilty.


Less hours for more money    1 thanks

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Isn't achieving a better work/life balance the whole point of working for yourself.

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Swapping one for many employers    2 thanks

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Got to admit that for many years, after I went out on my own, all I seemed to do was swap the stress and "trying to please" of one employer to many employers, ie my clients.

I agree with Anony the ability to work for yourself should enable you to better control your life and make the most of both sides but, in my experience, and from the hundreds of posts on here, few manage it (eg the January panic).  I'm only just starting to feel comfortable with being able to work 24 hour weeks, it's only taken me 31 years to get here!

billing/payment lead times are alot worse    1 thanks

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should_be_working wrote:

"I think being self-employed you judge yourself based on real outputs - turnover, client satisfaction, whatever - rather than the hours worked or visibility at the desk. If that constitutes working less hard, then I too plead guilty".

you dont get paid a rate per hour if you work for yourself- and few clients demand less work for the going rate/price-especially in the competitive small client sector where it is the opposite and all clients demand alot more than you can charge them for. your fee is more commensurate with the number of facilities/services you are able to offer than being at an hourly rate.


so many self employed accountants think its all about getting the job out the door rather than a quality job/service.

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I worked damned hard    1 thanks

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When I started my practice I worked long hours, usually seven days per week, without a break.

My priorities have changed over the years and now I just work part-time (but the office is open full time) and I have a much better life as a result. 

I too work very hard for my    1 thanks

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I too work very hard for my work, and for achieving good work. If you are not lucky enough then hard work is the thing which takes you to your destiny.

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