'elf'n'safety strike again

Just been in to a local bakery to treat myself to slice of calorie cake. Can't sell it to you mate , was the reply form behind the counter as I drooled over it pointing my finger enthusiastically. He explained that it is a week old and was being chucked out. I told him it was a waste and I will take the whole tray and share it (yes ,  share it) with the staff . So , how come he can't sell it but he can give it away ?  Bizarre. Anyway it tastes good and is still reasonably soft . In my house if it isn't moving we eat it ! Enjoy your puddings

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I agree, absolutely daft

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I remember before the days of "sell by" dates, "use by" dates and "best before" dates (the distinction between the three still eludes me somewhat) we poor misguided consumers had to rely on our senses of smell and sight. How on earth did we manage???

I've got a Christmas pudding in the larder (remember those?) from last year. It's being cooked and eaten tomorrow. I hope that 'elf 'n' safety don't find out.

Merry Christmas to one and all.

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..'elf'n'safety strike again

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In my house , if it isn't green or walking out the fridge we'll eat it !

Hard bread ? - toast it !

By the way , there were no ill effects of the said cake. The reason you haven't heard from me is because I didn't take my PC on holiday !


Happy 2012

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