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The fight for London - Ken Livingstone -v- Boris Johnson

 A significant media attention has focused on the upcoming London Mayor Election between Ken Livingstone and Boris Johnson.

Both candidates are putting a strong fight to rule the world's most elegant city of London.

My view is that Ken Livingstone is going to win and rule the city of London, regardless of the most recent tax avoidance allegations advanced by Boris against him.

The fact is London needs a mature man like Ken to rule the city. Londoner's do not need a child to rule the city. A child who is stuck on one negative topic of which he has no factual evidence to support his allegations and even if he did I am prepared to fight, legally represent and prove Ken's innocence that he has paid a more than a fair share of taxes to support Boris Johnson to have a hair cut 100 times.

This is the labour era and by Ken winning the elections the City of London will be transformed in a city that will move forward positively.






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