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So far food wise it has not been a good week since my last Thursday’s good result weigh-in. I feel I am undoing all my hard work.

Since last Thursday evening, I have been visiting my mother. She cooks great meals. I have been filling myself with these meals. I should not do this! I need to lose weight.

I think next Thursday’s weigh-in will be first my first 2lbs gain. Not happy. 

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Try to get your mother onboard    1 thanks

ShirleyM | | Permalink

She needs to understand your desire to lose weight, and if she cannot or will not change her menus to suit, then you have no option but to avoid eating there.

You know what the problem is ... you have just told us ... so do something about it and start to feel good about yourself instead of feeling guilt ridden!

Portion control    1 thanks

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Still go to see your Mother and enjoy her meals but halve the portions - ask for a side plate instead of a big plate, it will still look full, your brain will be deceived, you will still get to your see your Mum, and because you are not having to cook yourself a meal you then have more free time to exercise! Your Mum will probably cook the same amount so let her put the other half of your meal in a container for you to freeze for a night you are not visiting. See if your Mum would come with you to your weekly weigh in - she might be motivated to join in too...

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Agree and my prediction

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Thanks for your response Helen.

I agree portion control is important. I want to lead a normal life and lose weight at the same time. So portion control would be best.

It the dreaded weigh-in today. I have been really bad this week. My prediction is I have put on 2lbs. I hope it is not 3. Best thing is for me to learn from this experience and move on now. 


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