Fridays for me

I have planned before but it has not worked out on a long term basis to leave Fridays for myself and not to do any client work, unless it is urgent. With planning and actually doing the work during the rest of the working week will mean that the incidents for urgent work should be few and far between.

I had thought about 4 day week before and I have also thought about doing something else in addition to practice work (ie a part-time practice) as I mentioned in the   All Eggs in one Basket blog. With January this just did not work out.

I will now keep Fridays for non-client work. This will be for practice management and sorting out my personal stuff. This includes looking into how far I am with the objectives I set in myself for 2013. I think it is about this time of the year we get into the day to day and put all our New Year good intentions at the back of our minds. I really want to achieve or try achieving my 2013 objectives.

I will continue with weekly weigh-ins. It will keep me on my toes. I am just not looking forward to this week’s. It will not be a detailed blog. It will just be some stats. I remember our beloved Editor has some spread sheets to record the progress or otherwise of weight loss. I will look at these and see if I can make the stats looks a little appealing,

For a sole practitioner like me blogging really does keep my sanity!   

Do you devote a day for non-client work/yourself? More importantly do you plan your work and adhere to your plan?

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This blog

This blog is intended to reflect the highs and lows that I face day to day working as a sole practitioner.

I tend to blog regularly. I don't know why, but there is a strong need in me to blog my every day experience. I have no idea how long this will last.

All I can say is It helps me to put my thoughts, feelings and views on a blog. When writing I am not too concerned about spelling, grammar or even how I come across. I feel that if I worry about these areas, the subject matter I want to put across will not reflect how I am thinking and feeling at the time.

My blogs reflect the type of person I am. That is the nature of blogging. It is meant to reflect views and thoughts of the blogger.

I will not be to everyone's tastes. Thankfully AW has a good variety of bloggers. This means there are more than likely to be blogs more in keeping with your taste.

I am humbled by the fact that my blog is actually read! Not only this but some readers go as far as commenting.

Thank you for reading my blogs and commenting. I really do appreciate it.