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Go away 2013!

Damn you 2013 why are you here so soon? I wanted you to wait for another year. You kicked 2012 out so fast how selfish of you!

I know for certain you will give me more hair where I don't want hair and takeaway my hair where I really want to retain and increase. You will just not leave it here 2013, you will put the knife firmly in by changing the colour of my hair to a far less attractive tone. I also know for certain you will just love to age my body even further.. I so want to start 2012 again.

I also know things that will not be any different about you to 2012. Like the year you kicked out, you will offer:

- Death disease and famine

- Jan sales

- packaged holidays so people can go abroad and complain why they can't get the same type of food as they get home. Some who don't bother to learn the language will just shout thinking shouting is a fault free translator.

- this really gets to me- Valentine's day! When you are single and middle aged it is sooo annoying to see others doing things for their loved ones. At least 2012 gave me some fun though it was after a month or so of that dreadful day.

- Another New Year's Eve- please please not this year. Think of the poor over burden Emergency Services.

On top of ageing me I know you will give me more than my fair share of pain, diasppointments and let's not forget rejections. 2012 was very good at this. I am sure you will be even better.

Why don't you just go away 2013! Leave me alone!

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OR..    2 thanks

Paul Scholes | | Permalink

Things can only get better.

The sun is out, that's good enough for me.

Hair transplants    1 thanks

Flash Gordon | | Permalink

All you need is a pair of tweezers and some superglue et voila, hair where you want it!

Another year, another blank slate waiting to be written on or fresh playdoh waiting to be moulded. You can do anything you believe in so I'm off to plan my happy and successful (not necessarily work-related) year, possibly with a bottle of wine (purely to make more space in the fridge and ensure that I only need to make one visit to the bottle bank in due course!)


Do not worry!Bold guys are    1 thanks

Monas | | Permalink

Do not worry!Bold guys are sexy.

Get a nice vest...    1 thanks

Flash Gordon | | Permalink

and they could put you in the next Die Hard film instead of Bruce Willis!

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It's not just bold guys ...    1 thanks

Old Greying Acc... | | Permalink

... but bald ones too.

So, Cpt Pickard, baldly go where no man has gone before!

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FirstTab | | Permalink

Thanks you lovely people. Reading your response made me feel good.

I would love to know Patrick Stewart's training regime. To look the way he looks at his age! Plus I remember seeing him on the red carpet with a gorgeous woman who was probably half his age!

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wait a few years    1 thanks

Red Leader | | Permalink

and then you will progress from "middle age" to "late middle age" when you just don't give a stuff.

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