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How about some new regulation

Every time there is a financial scandal the accounting and financial community face a raft of new rules. So now we have a national scandal of looting and rioting isn't it time for a raft of tough new punishments to help the police response ? Such as letting police give them a good European style paramilitary punishment and the courts locking them up for a minimum tariff. What's good for us beancounters is good for the scum.


Well , I 'm off on holiday and hopefully Manchester will still be there when I return and I won't face rioting and looting in Cumbria.

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Working on holiday or a real holiday ?

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Well, I 'm back now from 2 1/2 weeks in Cumbria . This time I was determined not to do any work at all and see if it is easier than dipping in and out and returning to a smaller "in tray" .

Well, I did not check my work email and I was reached by 2 texts that staff deemed most urgent, on the days I had to switch my molbiel on to book activities .

So , how many emails awaited me ? Answer , 215 , almost all of  which I dealt with today on the bank holiday . I reckon it would have taken 2 or 3 days with the interruptions at work had I waited until tomorrow.

And did I relax more - most definitely. I do think , however , that when everybody else is on holiday ie height of summer or xmas time , it works better .

Tomorrow I will face the real mail piled up in my tray !




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