Marketing plan. Where to start?

This time I want to be smart before spending my hard money on marketing. To that end I decided over the weekend to draft a marketing plan

I did not know where to start. How do you start drafting a marketing plan for an accountancy practice? So I did most of us do when we are stuck – I googled “marketing plans for an accountancy practice”. I was hoping to find a template.

I came across something that is far better – It is called Sales and Marketing Plan Pro. It is well worth its £100 price tag. I know I should have asked myself this question before buying the software but I did not. This question in itself made the price well worth it. The question is who is my ideal client? It is such crucial question since my marketing activity would depend on the type of clients I am aiming to get.

Being honest to myself I have not given this question much thought. In my early days I just went for whoever I could get. This is expensive and does not target the type of clients I want.

They are other aspects to the software that I really like. They have template marketing plan for accountancy practices that I am sure will help.

Before I spend a penny more on marketing I need to make sure I have a road map. Otherwise I will be going around in circles wasting my hard earned dosh.


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A marketing person could take into account local information, your personality and preferences and a number of other factors that software could not.  They could also help to keep you on track.  If you spend 5 hours filling in that template and printing it out and filing it, how many times do you realistically think you will go back to it to remind yourself of what the next steps are?

You will waste far less money on marketing if you have a competent person guiding you. 

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Marketing Plan where to start?    1 thanks

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Most professionals are dead keen to tell the world how great they are at what they do. Perhaps an interesting place to start is to re-examine why we are in business as advisors in the first place?

Marketing activity that aims to promote the advisor is no where near as effective, in my humble opinion, as marketing activity that seeks out individuals with tax or other business related problems.

In any event good luck with your endeavours.




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