Me a Consultant?

About three months ago I took on a regular consultancy assignment on the basis I will give it a go and if it does not work out, I will hold up my hands and refund the fees to the client. This risk has really paid off to the extent I will add board level advisory role for small businesses to my portfolio of skills available through my practice.

I had no idea that I would enjoy advisory work so much. As an employee I did a fair amount of consultancy type of work and I thrived on it. I thought as an independent it would be beyond my skill level. Far from it, it was spot. It drew on all my experience and skills on organisational politics, handling people when delivering bad news and motivating people during times the business was going through a difficult period.

The best bit is the client really appreciated and valued the advice.

It also took me back to my old days. Where all the information was prepared by my staff, my role was to review, comment and advice. So good!

I thought I was a truly compliance person in the practice world. This is not the case. Of course compliance work will always be there but I will now add advisory work to the mix.

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Well done. You have to be careful with the clients you choose though. I have known consultants who have offered good advice but clients didn't act on it and then saw the consultant as a waste of money!

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