Men seek help

I mentioned in my previous blog. I am not going through an easy time.

I did not see my GP till today. I did not do this earlier thinking I am okay. I can cope. I will definitely be okay.

I should have seen my GP far earlier. I was pushed by my sister to see my GP.

I feel it is a male thing not to seek help earlier? Is it pride that stops us? Is it because men are expected to be take charge, look after themselves? (I think I fall into this category)  All I can say that women generally seek help earlier.

This link is well worth a read and highlights the point I am trying make.

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I think ...    1 thanks

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... this is one of those situations where nobody knows what to say ... so they say nothing.

Try to stay positive. There is a solution to every problem and you have taken the first step towards finding that solution. :)

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Mental v physical    1 thanks

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I don't think it helps that there's such a stigma attached to any type of mental illness. And now that taking time off claiming 'stress' has become popular to get a couple of days off, nobody believes someone who really is suffering from either stress or depression (and who would probably battle on at work).

My father will rush off to the doctor for anything (albeit physical rather than mental) but I think that's an attention-seeking thing. If my mum has a cold he has flu, and I never realised that backache was so contagious, or so easily brought on by watching youtube and falling asleep!

But you've taken the first step FT and that's the hardest. I hope your doctor was supportive & helpful. If not, go back to another one until you do get assistance...

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A couple of books worth reading    1 thanks

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When I was laid low by stress and Depression I found the following books written by Dr Tim Cantopher very helpful.

Stress Related Illness - Advice for people who give too much

Depressive Illness - The curse of the strong





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