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A new approach to personal and practice development

An introduction to AccountingWEB's mentoring project with BTCSoftware: what we are doing and how you can get involved.

We’ve been aware for many years of the vast experience and expertise that AccountingWEB members share with each other.

We are going to take this a step further with a new project to connect experienced practitioners with members who could benefit from their help.

This blog is the first step in the AccountingWEB mentoring project supported by BTCSoftware and will set out what we are trying to achieve and how you can get involved.

What is mentoring?

Mentoring has become recognised as one of the leading techniques in personal and management development and is notable for the informal way in which someone new to a role or organisation can learn from and test their ideas with someone who has been there before. The model grew up during the 1980s and 90s within corporate organisations, but online networking tools such as AccountingWEB make it possible for mentoring to take place more remotely. When it works well, both parties gain from the two-way exchange of information; mentoring relationships frequently grow into long-lasting friendships.

What will happen?

Our virtual mentoring programme starts here, with a simple questionnaire and sign-up form for those who would like to seek one-to-one advice from experienced accountants. AccountingWEB and BTCSoftware will call on a panel of experts and potential mentors and ask them to get in touch with people seeking advice in their specialist areas.

For the next eight weeks, we will highlight some of those discussions in this blog and invite AccountingWEB members to add to the conversation with their own insights. Where they touch on topics that may affect other members, the suggestions put forward will be collected into articles and checklists for wider circulation. You can also follow the scheme's progress on Twitter with the hashtag #AwebMentors.

This early phase of the AccountingWEB mentoring project, which BTC is helping to get off the ground, is designed to accelerate the transfer of knowledge within the profession and to benefit both the mentors and mentees who take part.

As it progresses, we look forward to seeing more members come forward on both sides to make this kind of exchange a recurring feature within the AccountingWEB community.

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This blog

Welcome to the AccountingWEB mentoring project, sponsored by BTCSoftware. This blog will act as the hub for accountants to get advice and support from more experienced practitioners. To get the scheme rolling, participants will share their experiences with mentors put forward by BTC. Their discussions will be summarised in posts on this blog so that AccountingWEB members and practice experts can add their suggestions and advice. Register now if you would like to make contact with a mentor. If you would like to offer advice in that capacity, send me private message with details of your availability and areas of expertise. - John Stokdyk, Editor