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Real life mpg test

I thought I would pop over from Kirkby Lonsdale, where I have gone for the weekend,  to Ulverston , where a tenant has gone into administration so I could check the local property vacancy scene.What better opportunity for a real life mpg test on the recently acquired Abarth 500c. I thrashed the wee motor with the roof down and returned a surprisingly high and  respectable 35.8 mpg in glorious weather. On the return I drove almost as if on a driving test with the roof up and without Sport mode turned on.Weather was lashing rain and hail nearly all the way.Result 43.5 mpg .So, whilst we all know that official figures are bunkum it proves one thing. The Abarth 500c is a very aerodynamic machine. I only pulled off the sedentary return journey because the missus was left behind to study for her exams.Not has so much fun on the road since my Alfa 156 2.5 V6 - should never have sold it 

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