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Really have had enough of January

Just look at the weather. Then I have some clients who are really stressing me out.

On top of all the above, I am in a terrible mood because I have not been able to cycle to work. It is during the times of stress, cycling helps so much.

I will cycle today. No matter what. I will not be able to work otherwise.

My weight loss - what weight loss! Wait till Sunday' s blog.

It is so damn depressing! Hate it! Hate it! Hate it!

Why 31 Jan why not one of the summer months HMRC?


Summer months?    1 thanks

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Then you'd be saying it was too hot or too wet, you'd still have clients stressing you out, you'd not be cycling because the heatwave would wipe you out and you'd be stuffing your face at BBQs instead of eating salads!!

It'll never be perfect because it's life. You just need to look at it differently. Try reading 'Flip It' by Michael Heppell (you can get it as an audiobook) - it's a good read (or listen, presumably) and might help you get to the end of January without reaching for the biscuits (not even 9am and I have a craving for a lovely packet of choccy digestives - thank god it's icy out there and I don't want to risk slipping over enough to go up the garage - you see, I found the positive side of the ice!!)

You'll get there :)

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FirstTab | | Permalink

Thanks for your comments. Makes sense. Will get the book and post my views. 

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November ...    1 thanks

Old Greying Acc... | | Permalink

... that would be best.

  1. Can prepare for and enjoy Christmas
  2. Have a couple of months to sort out paying the tax bill
  3. Have time to take the dog out working
  4. have a month to deal with March year end companies without a conflict with Tax Returns.

Better still, have personal tax done like CT and return your income with 9 months of your tax year, with payment dates linked likelwise. Time apportion PA's etc. then the load can be spread more evenly.

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Best as it is

petersaxton | | Permalink

March year end companies have accounts deadline of 31 December and personal tax 31 January. The reduction from 10 months to 9 months made a big difference. If Personal tax deadline was 30 November the accountants would have 8 months to do the vast majority of the years work. Because clients would take a few months to get data to accountants we wouldn't have a lot of time to do nearly a years work.

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A good mixed practice will have companies with varied year ends, I have a number of 30/09 ones that get held up by the tax returns, not all sole traders have 31/03 or 05/04 year ends, so 30/06/11 accounts will be the 2012 accounts, so with 30/11 you still have 17 months to get the accounts done, the non trading bits of the Tax Returns are generally minimal.

There are VAT Returns, book-keeping, management accounts and other things to occupy December to March.

But as I say, having the deadline tied in with the year end better. At the moment a 30/04 year end has an extra 11 months to prepare accounts over a 31/03 one - hardly fair!

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Most of my company clients

petersaxton | | Permalink

have 31 March year ends because I recommended they change to that ARD. I don't do much bookkeeping or VAT. I have some payroll but not a lot during the year because most of it is annual payroll runs. I would say less than 10% of my clients give me data before July so most of my work would be compressed into 5 months.

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