Recovering from January Blues

I am still trying to recover from a terrible January. My cold is not helping at all. My office and my flat both are a real tip. Since Monday, I have been feeling exhausted and really sleepy. I have done very little work.

I can just about cycle to the office. I have not been to the gym since last week. My food intake? Best not to answer that one.

Thankfully I think my cold is coming to its natural end. By the weekend it should be over. I hope today will be one of the better days.

I have been thinking what is it that will make me recover from January blues? It is the loss of control that really brings me down. To feel better I need not only to regain control of my life but also allow my body to rest when it needs it. This would be great way get back to normal mode.

This means early nights and planning to take action and taking action on things that really bug me.

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I always go away on 1st or 2nd of Feb for a few days it has a couple of advantages

Firstly it gives me something to look forward to in Jan

Secondly it's good to clear off :)  I've just come back and I feel refreshed - no one seems to mind so go away take a break - nothing fancy required I just went to Oxford wandered round the dreamimng spires ate and drank in nice pubs and cafes, read no emails and ignored the phone bliss


Go now plenty of reasonable B&B on late rooms



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Thanks. Taking a break would be great. I need a few long weekends. Work wise now is the best time. 


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