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Remember what it was like when you first discovered spreadsheets?

Spreadsheet First TimeFrom the Not Just Numbers blog:

This week, I thought I’d do something a little more light-hearted than the usual Excel tips and share a video I discovered on YouTube that made me smile.

Do you remember the feeling the first time you realised what you could do with a decent spreadsheet package?

Well I think this 1983 advertisement for Lotus1-2-3 captures it nicely!


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I saw Visicalc demonstrated on a Commodore Pet in 1979/80 and could see the potential straight away.  The first one that I used was Supercalc on an Osborne 1, then Multiplan.

I showed one of my partners how to do forecasts using Multiplan.  A couple of days later I saw him on one of the PCs (in a room of their own in those days) with a calculator in his hand.  Turns out, that he was adding up the expenditure column to enter on the spreadsheet.  Some people get it straight away, others need a nudge!

Discovery of Lotus 123 was a milestone

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I was introduced to Lotus 123 on a machine runnning MSDOS - pre Windows days.  What a revelation!  I suspect I'm an Excel addict now.

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