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As a proud Scot in exile will I be able to choose which passport I carry if Scottish independence goes ahead ? More pressing is whether I would be liable to a Scottish tax levy of up to 3% even if I continued to live out of the country.On documents I write nationality as Scottish but could that change if I remained out of an independent Scotland ? All most troubling. The one interesting point I note amongst the fog of rhetoric and wrangling of words is Alex Salmond wanting people 16 and 17 year old to vote. of ocure he does becuae they tend to be passionate about these things although they may have no understanding of the deeper consequences.Trouble is that youth of today forget that there is a reason why age limits are imposed - it is called life experience .  

One rule they should impose in all referenda is that a failure to turn out counts as satifaction with the status quo. It is the best way to avoid crackpots and extremists getting mad ideas ratified. Is Alex Salmond a crackpot , not at all , but he is blinded by the fog of earning a place in the history books and trying to ride a populist wave.  

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