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Thank you for the response on the shop front blog posting.

Some readers raised the point about thinking about what types of client I intend to target and then looking at whether shop front would attract the targeted client types.

Like most General Practitioners, I run a local General Practice, I do not think it is possible to target particular client types and expect a reasonable fee level. To me a reasonable fee level is £150k without a shop front and double this figure with a shop front.

Furthermore experience has shown me that a large number of clients rather go for a local accountant, Even with Internet making communication increasingly easier.

Of course shop front or not you will get your time wasters and tax return only type clients. All I do with the later is quote them a highly profitable fee. Most of them go away.

So getting back to my key point - being a local accountant where niche market would just not be viable, I would like any client that is profitable and area of work does not require technical skills that I do not have. Also lets not forget the word general in general practice.

If you have shop front I would love to read your views.

Am I wrong?

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