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Spotlight on E-conomic Referral Partners -

Affiliate programmes are a good way for webmasters, internet marketers and enthusiasts to earn a bit of extra money. E-conomic runs a programme that allows affiliates to earn £65 every time they introduce a new customer to the company.  

One of E-conomic’s dedicated Referral Partners is Wendy Cockcroft, the owner of Cockcroft Web Design, set up the site with the specific aim of referring customers to E-conomic. She even purchased a domain name specifically for the purpose.

Wendy is an experienced web designer and her site illustrates ways in which SMEs can benefit from using E-conomic. presents all the good arguments in favour of using a cloud based accounting system and it has become an excellent source of referrals.

Wendy makes extensive use of links, both in call-to-action buttons as well as in the text. When she mentions a specific feature of the E-conomic system, a link takes the reader through to the E-conomic website where they can read a more detailed description. Links embedded in the text are particularly relevant and encourage the reader to learn more.

The site is by no means complete; is a perfect example of a work-in-progress affiliate site. Wendy will continue to optimise and improve the site as she learns which techniques generate the most sales.

Affiliate marketing is a great way to earn some extra money and if the idea appeals to you, why not check out Wendy’s site and get inspired to set up one of your own. 

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