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Success factor

Wondered what would be the most important success factor for the Local WT group to succeed, some have said it is communicating effectively, Trust, Knowledge sharing, Involvement of agents, collaborative synergy?

Please share your views with me, confidentiality of responses will be adhered to.

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I have compiled a survey to send out but wondering best way to do so

I have heard of survey monkey and freeonline survey

Had a few phone calls (number withheld), and thought that they were people wanting to be interviewed

Oh no!, they were sales people wantingto know whether I had been missold PPI in the last five years. No I have not.


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Read somewhere that trust is a main factor that drives ones ability to collaborate

Wonder whether the tax agents trust HMRC and HMRC trust the tax agents.

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I am a client agent of HMRC and also a part time MBA student, now my dissertation topic is about the HMRC Local Working together group with client agents

I wonder whether the forum is effective and whether there is a link between knowledge sharing within this group and collaboration